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What are KitTags made of

KitTags are made of nylon woven webbing, similar to that used in car seat belts.  This video shows how they are constructed


How tough are KitTags

Here’s a picture of a 20kg dumbbell hanging from a KitTag – we’re holding it by the webbing. Please note we don't suggest this is a constant use!
A KitTag holding a 20kg weight


How long do they last?

This set was made for our son in 2015 and is still going strong – it’s been to Slovenia (x2), France (x4)  & Italy (x2), including being lost in Europe (he used it as a key recognition feature for Alitalia), plus regularly on a school bag.
A well travelled KitTag



We use a dark blue polyester based thread, which looks smart. Please note that the characters will appear in reverse on the other side of the KitTag as the stitching goes through the webbing fabric, this video demonstrates.



As standard we use dark blue vinyl. The vinyl can be washed to 400.  We’ve printed around 1,500 KitTags in six years and have less 0.5% returns for lettering coming off. 
A printed KitTag


For other other colours, see the Product pages, we offer Neon Yellow, Reflective and Luminous.


Do the ends fray?

The end of the nylon webbing is cut and sealed with a heat cutter so it won’t fray on its own. There is a chance that the end will ‘break’ if the KitTag is bent in half along its length. To reseal simply hold it over a flame briefly to re-seal it.